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We would love to get to know you and your business from the inside an out. Ashton Media & Design offers a free website consultation, or IT consultation in order to get an idea how best to accomplish your business goals as a new or accomplished business, and find leads that really work.


SEO optimization is a full-time job. We can update your images with alt-tags, and provide regular content for your website that will help drive traffic on an on-going basis to your website organically.

Social Media

Is Facebook or Instagram foreign to you? It is one of our favorite toys. Let's get your social media ad campaign running, and build a successful brand to sell your products or market your business.

Your Business

Google ad campaigns and setting up your Google My Business listing is important to make sure your business is found by your customers. According to CNET, most customers Google search or use social media to find businesses.

Per Click

There are many organic ways we can boost your business. However, ads are most successful when planned and utilized correctly, hand in hand with your customized marketing plan. Let's develop your sales funnels with all of the different tools we can and then run ads.

Part of Our Network

Always Keeping You In Mind

Many customers find businesses by word of mouth. We are a part of a large network of more than 1000 partner websites. Ashton Media & Design provides back-linking opportunities, and a helping hand towards pushing clients your way. We are a part of many local community organizations like BNI and St. Pete Chamber of Commerce, in which we can advertise, by word-of-mouth for your business. This is service we provide all clients, for the lifetime of their patronage.

Content is king

Get More Traffic on Your Website

Many business owners we network with ask us about Wix or Shopify. The issues with those services, is that they still have to be maintained regularly, by someone, and that they do not offer a large range of professional design options. All of those websites are run on templates, so your website will never be fully unique or one-of-a-kind. This will hurt your SEO and Google placement in rankings. 

Content is very important for your website. There are word count requirements, picture sizes, and all have to be optimized to make the website successful. We can handle this all in-house in one of our monthly maintenance packages.

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When your customers fill our forms on your website, social media pages, or send you emails, we can set up an automatic marketing service that will capture those emails, allow for organization or customers, and re-market them depending on how they are setup in the software.


Google robots are constantly crawling your social media and website. They are doing this to rank the website, and help others find it when searching for appropriate information. Ever wonder why some companies come up first on Google searches for certain keywords? That is because they have a content and SEO team creating fresh content and optimizing it.


The networks we are a part of can help drive traffic to your website with links to and from your website and theirs. We can create these networks that will work for you for free. Are you a realtor or contractor and a member of community organizations? We can use this to your disposal, and the links of others websites can work for you.


IT can be very frustrating. We are your tech guru that can help with your technology nightmares. We help with internet connectivity, hardware issues, laptop fixes, cybersecurity, monthly IT consulting and more.


We start with an audit on every website or brand that we start with. This allows us to design a customized plan with the customer. Ashton Media & Design can make sure that your website is responsive, and that the bounce rates improve with our free web or IT solutions.

Graphic Design, Printing, Logos

Need a new logo for your business? Ashton Design & Media has hand-drawn options, or other custom logo ideas we are glad to draw and design your new brand. We offer printing services through our local partners.

What we do

Digital Marketing & Web Design Agency

St. Petersburg, Florida 


Brand Strategy Logos & Style Brand Collateral Brand Refining

We devise, plan, coordinate and execute brand and campaign marketing strategies that connect with your audience and drive unique messaging.

We create, or re-create your brand, using logos & brand assets that represent the core of your brand, and reflects what you stand for to your audience.

Web Design

Design & Development E-Commerce WordPress & CMS Hosting & Maintenance

We build stunning, captivating, state-of-the-art websites that are built to perform. Our mobile responsive website design is not only engineered to be lightning fast, but also rank higher in search engines. 

Data-driven user experience that increases website engagement and provides a better experience for your visitors.

We build your site custom to you and your needs. We can add/integrate custom features that help your online brand or business get an edge on the competition and be found easier by search engines like Google.

Content Creation

Email Campaigns
Social Media
Photos/Video Needs SEO

Marketing strategy is the important part of the digital marketing process. Strategic planning and execution of your marketing efforts is essential to digital success. We provide you with a tailored marketing strategy to drive your brand to the top of the charts and beyond. We cook up killer marketing plans, and they taste delicious.

Marketing & Advertising

Campaign Strategy Social Media Ads Pay-Per-Click Ads Analytics & Analysis

Don’t have a strategy or just getting started? We can help! Ashton Media & Design are your in-house local web developers in the Tampa Bay community. We are FROM Florida. Not some weird outsourced solution from God-knows-where.

We plan, execute, and manage digital advertising campaigns that produce real results for our clients. Our tactical ad campaign methods are aggressive, intelligent and built to scale.

We are digital advertising experts. Pay-per-click, paid social, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Tiktok…we can do it. We create and manage digital campaigns driving traffic and conversions faster, cheaper, and more effectively.

Web Design, IT, Marketing, & Graphic Design Solutions

Latest News

Keeping up with your business is tough, let’s chat about how we can automate some of the things you do every day! Read our blog, for more inspiration.

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Let Us Fix your web Errors!

Ashton Media & Design offers free website audits, which is a fancy way of saying, a complete overview of your website, from the inside and out. 


It will identify any issues, and with this information we can plan your marketing approach or web redesign.

We additionally offer audits of enterprise and IT departments for small-to-medium-sized businesses.


 Is your network connection not working, or your new printer not connecting? Having cybersecurity fears? We are glad to go into detail with sometimes free IT solutions we can hook up for your new or existing business in Tampa Bay.