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Frequently Asked Questions to a Web Designer

What is a big part of our job? Maybe they really want to ask, what do you do all day….That is a popular question I get asked, or almost asked.  I feel that the most important part of my job is finding my clients. Like you, I have to source the best clients to make money and be successful. So, let us help you also find your ideal customer, and target them online in a digital setting using social media, reactive website development, and strong branding.

We love working with new companies and existing alike. Building a new website, from scratch, with a custom look and design is one of our specialties and passions. We are in-house developers located right in St. Petersburg, Florida. We can meet locally to plan your brand and website, virtually, or over the phone. 

Email us, call us, or shoot us a message on the website. We can start your free website consultation within 24 hours, and send over a customized template idea and design options for you. We can offer graphic design, logo design, and Facebook or social media setup as part of a monthly maintenance plan, so it is more affordable for everyone.

SEO can be expensive and working with Craigslist fly-by-night salesman can be a scary experience. We code our website for SEO. So, then you have no issues from the beginning. The SEO maintenance services are used to keep newly added content up to speed, so that Google and other search engines will keep you ranked highly. 

Along with many of the web services we provide, we can offer managed IT services. We can setup your new printers, new static IP, or wireless connections, and even fix hardware issues. Let us know how we can help your small business today.

Ashton Media & Design offers many tailored graphic design services. We have an a la carte graphic design menu we can share, and offer discounts to our monthly customers that are on plans. We even offer photography sessions, videography sessions, or editing in both realms. We can design a brand new logo, even do photo printing and custom print jobs. Keep in mind we do need about 2-3 weeks to fill custom print orders. Thank you!

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