Email Marketing

What makes you click

What is Compelling Content?

Building a website does not always guarantee easy business. 

Content has to be relevant, and customers have to be interested. 

We can integrate automated software to capture and develop customer emails.

If they click and buy, we can retarget them differently than someone who abandoned a product in their cart. 

Email marketing can work if maintained properly.

Email Marketing Options

We Can Create A Sales Funnel

Using Organic SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, & Your Website. Each time your customers email, or contact your business, or a new lead clicks, we will capture their emails. 

This is our favorite email marketing service. We set this up with the marketing package for all of our clients. We can also set this up a la carte, or any service for that matter, and do the job usually in 1/2 hours monthly, if you prefer hourly billing.

Mailchimp offers custom templates that cater to a modern customer. This automatic funnels created based on your business needs, we can make you more successful connecting with your regular and new customers.

Constant Contact is another email marketing client that we can utilize. It is a bit more monthly and has different features for larger and more comprehensive customer lists. If you are a big retailer this may be a better option for you and your business. With automated responses, and custom templates, it makes reaching lost customers just a click of the button.