Abailes GS, Ashton's 17.3 HH Trakehener show horse

Ashton Marie

Heading up the team at Ashton Media & design, Ashton Marie was born Winter Park, Florida, and has lived in 6 different countries before 7 years old. She utilizes her global knowledge of design and her creative expertise to deliver concept-drive solutions to clients locally in Florida, and worldwide. With more than 15 years of experience in web design, copywriting, marketing, photography, and graphic design her work has been recognized for creative excellence by design publications and other industry channels.

Ashton Media and Design, a boutique IT solutions, graphic design, and web design company in St. Petersburg, Florida. Ashton Marie focuses on sales funnels, landing pages, e-commerce, and small business success strategies.

Ashton enjoys riding horses at hunter/jumper events in South Florida, and raising her three children. Some have called Ashton horse 'crazy' and some of her long-term clients are equestrian businesses or tack shops. Web design and graphic design has been Ashton Marie's passion for more than 15 years, see the portfolio below for more of the projects we have recently worked on.

Content creation is a huge focus for Ashton Design and Media. And the more customers find on your website, the more they will understand your brand, and product, and this creates more conversions. Social media, and also photography and graphic design is offered by AM&D. Give us a call today at 813-435-8782 for more information about our services, and a free consultation.

examples of our work

I Create Websites That Convert

What we have been creating in 2022. 

Hasenbeck Equestrian is a Largo, Florida equestrian business that offer boarding services to clients, lessons, and horse shows. They are a great part of our local community and sponsor our youth!

Clearwater Laptop Service Repairs is a small business located in Clearwater, Florida that offers IT solutions to business owners in the Pinellas County area. We manage their social media accounts and also the website monthly. We create many sales funnel websites in order to direct traffic for their assorted services. 


We manage a local IT services company, IT backup solutions, as well as their social media, and websites. Here is an example of a separate landing page website, and sales funnel that we have created for their laptop repair business. 

New Green Hemp is a nationwide Hemp brand focuses on sustainable operations, and customer service. Based in Florida, New Green Hemp is fully organic. NGH is a company that sells nationwide in stores, online, and at market. We maintain all of the social media, branding, and web solutions for NGH.


Logo Design is one of Ashton Media & Design’s passion, let us help you convey your brand to your customers!

We designed this modern logo, and website for for New Green Organiks, a microgreens company shipping microgreens across the United States. NGO focuses on providing microgreens to customers without local shopping options for their greens!